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MOAT Integrations

MOAT is a free search engine for display ads. It also offers heatmap analytics and resources for creative.

Online ads tend to be transient: visible one second and gone the next. Whether you want to see the ads from a particular brand, discover new advertisers, or get inspiration from innovative creative campaigns, the need for a centralized ad search is evident. Enter: MOAT.

MOAT Ad Search is a search engine that focuses entirely on ads instead of other kinds of online content. Similar to traditional search engines, its results are compiled using a web crawler that is specifically tuned to look for ads on the web and index them for later retrieval. Moat also accepts submissions from advertisers and agencies that wish to have their ads included.

Automate with MOAT and Slack

Workload allows you to automate your MOAT analytics tasks by using conversational AI through your Slack (or our own web chat interface) seamlessly and easily within 30 seconds of authorizing our API. It is super easy to get up and running. No code required!

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