FileVine, QuickBooks, Wizetime

zapier expert automation for businesses

I have a new law firm that makes use of FileVine, QuickBooks and Wizetime. I’m looking to automate the creation and updating of projects, accounting and billable hours with Zapier. Here’s a link to my documentation of what I’d like done:

Automate LearnDash with WordPress workflows

Project 1 is to provide access to learnDash courses from a sheet with tags for courses, after memberium is turned off. the contacts info will be in wordpress already. Project 2 is more complex, and involves using landing pages set up in wordpress, and providing WP credential, and access to free courses in learndash. I …

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Integrate Shopify with Zippykind Delivery App

We are a flower and plant shop located in San Diego. We are shifting from Lightspeed Point of Sale to Shopify Point of Sale. Our current integration for Lightspeed orders that need delivery will become obsolete. We will need to create a new integration from Shopify POS to Zippykind for all delivery orders. Our plan …

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QB Online Zapier Journal Entry

Invoice Parameters to trigger a Zappier Zap when.. 1) A Shipping Date is Entered. 2) Product / Service is = to “Products:Deferred Sales Revenue” If above True then Zap needs to… 1) Create Journal Entry -Journal Date = Shipping Date -Journal No. = Inv. No – Add Account ‘Deferred Revenue’ with debits = Total Invoice …

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Peek, Peek Pro + Excel or Sheets integration

Hello! I know it’s simple but I’m unfamiliar with Zapier (Not even sure if Keep is on Zapier). I want to send a guest a coupon code from excel sheets when they purchase a specific gift card in Peek. Peek Pro is what we use for all our bookings. Please have experience with webhooks if …

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Calendly, Email, CRM (Zoho or Hubspot)Automation

I’m looking for a developer to automate my business development process. I manage a large number of clients looking both to buy and sell entities, and I need a more efficient way to automate new meeting setup, automatically creating new contacts in my CRM and improving the use of my email systems