Zapier Integrations For Real Estate Agent

First thing is to set up integrations between Zoho CRM and Zillow Tech Direct through Zapier. Probably simple for a zapier expert, but not for me. Additional workflow automations within Zoho/DocuSign/Dropbox/Gmail/calendar/Facebook.

Zapier X Affilitly X Mighty Network

Hello Hello! I hope you are doing amazing! The reason for the email today is because I own a community for eCommerce. It’s a forum hosted on MIGHTYNETWORKS. It’s subscription based for $4.99 a month I want to create an affiliate program where affiliates get 50% commission every month for as long as that individual …

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I need a Zap to be created using the Web API.

The flow will be in the following order. User Authenticates with my App using API Key The user has multiple Clients linked to his Account. (Dynamic) Each Client has multiple Forms linked. (Dynamic) Leads are generated in my App from these Forms. I want to send this lead data to different platforms using Zapier. I …

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Build a Custom Retool Customer Dashboard

Sync up our BigQuery dashboard with Stripe payment information along with Shopify customer/product information. We want to be able to create a vendor dashboard for all of our vendors to be able to login to and view how much gross merchandise they’ve sold through our Shopify store. Thank you!

Integration to eliminate repetitive tasks

We use Wrike for project management, 17Hats for contact forms, Mailchimp for newsletter signups. I also use Wrike as a mini-CRM to keep track of about a thousand prospects a year manually, though it’s not designed for that. I couldn’t get too far with Zapier, which should give you an  idea of my technical abilities. …

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Integrate PhoneBurner and Salesforce using Webhooks

Hello. There are some things I’d like to automate using Zapier. What I’d like is to have PhoneBurner push contact details to Salesforce so that Salesforce can automatically create a Lead entry using the contact details from PhoneBurner. Both apps are on Zapier. In my mind, this is how it would work. PhoneBurner is a …

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Integrate ServiceTrade with Quickbooks online

Hello, We have a basic zap working currently but it needs significant improvement. I am looking to update companies in Quickbooks when company information is updated in ServiceTrade, as well as find and update, or create a new invoice in quickbooks online when an invoice is updated or created in ServiceTrade.