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Workload Team
Workload Team
I’ve seen your expertise on a Zapier forum and I’d like a quote for the following:

I have a course on Teachable and I want to unenroll my students after one year and send them an email when their access to the course is over (unenroll after one year). Teachable works with Zappier. I have found an article with clear instructions on how to do this However, because I want to set the delay to 365 days I can’t do it just with the integration between Teachable and Zappier, apparently longer delays can be set up with Google calendar. I have integrated everything. Can you give me a quote to do this for me?

Basically I need users to be unenrolled from my Teachable course after one year and an email to be sent out to them automatically. I have lots of subscribers so it’s important for me to test and make sure I don’t unsubscribe everyone that shouldn’t be. For everything to be tested.

Also, is it posible to set this up restrospectively too? Anyone who has been there for a year to be unenrolled. Just today it’s the course one year anniversary.


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