Elevating Patient Care: The Power of Patient Automation in the Medical Field with Workload

Unleashing the Power of Medical Automation Software As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the need for medical automation software has never been more critical. With the increasing demand for streamlined processes and efficiency, patient automation in the medical field is not only necessary but also transformative. Workload, a leading player in the automation industry, …

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Sales Automation will boost efficiency: Automating Apollo tasks with Workload

In today’s competitive sales landscape, efficiency is the name of the game. The ability to minimize time-consuming, repetitive tasks can free up resources for what truly matters – building relationships and closing deals. Sales automation tools, like Apollo.io, a top-tier sales engagement and sales intelligence platform, are amazing software for sales and business development professionals. …

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Automate AdOps in Google Ad Manager and Google Campaign Manager with Workload

In the fast-paced world of advertising operations (AdOps), efficiency is key. Let’s talk about why you should and how you can automate AdOps to improve your business. Time-consuming tasks, particularly those that require a lot of data entry or manual processes, can slow down your operations, lead to human error, and ultimately increase labor costs. …

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Automate DrChrono and Simplify Patient Management: A Step-by-step Guide to Automating DrChrono with Workload

By integrating DrChrono with Workload, more efficiently and effectively manage your patients. Automation not only reduces manual labor but also minimizes the potential for human error. It’s a win-win for both your staff and your patients. Healthcare is an industry that never sleeps. With endless tasks and administrative procedures, keeping up can be a daunting task …

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Hire a Retool Expert to Build Internal Tools

inventory management system

Retool is a low-code app that allows internal ops teams to quickly build dashboards and workflows without bothering engineering resources. Team’s love using Retool because you don’t need to be a developer to use it. Sometimes a team’s vision is beyond their scope of talent and they hire a Retool expert. In this case, Italic …

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Powerful Recruiting Automation Using Lever’s Amazing API

automating lever.co api for recruiters

Part 1 of Recruitment Workflow Automation for our Clients Intro and Background Atrium is a legal-tech startup based in San Francisco, CA. Their recruiting team came to Workload to get help with a few tasks under the Recruiting Coordinator job. With the massive growth they’ve experienced recently, it was time to explore the world of …

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Step-by-step Guide to Integrating Salesforce with Snowflake

Connect Salesforce to Snowflake

In this complete guide we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to automatically send data from Salesforce to Snowflake, without coding. Manage your own integration between Salesforce and Snowflake data without the help of a developer. Step 1: Create an account on Workload This is as easy it sounds. Just click here to get your platform …

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3 Easy-to-Use Email Marketing Automation Tools for SMBs

email marketing automation

There are many email marketing automation tools that you can choose for your organization. To ensure that you’re adding the most efficient and easy-to-use tool into your marketing stack, we’re going to evaluate three of the best email marketing automation tools for SMBs, to make your search much easier.  When you think about setting your …

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Small Business Search Trends 2020: [INFOGRAPHIC]

This year has been “unprecedented” in many ways. In fact, the word of the year should be “unprecedented.” It perfectly summarizes the year 2020. It was a year of challenges, surprises, and twists of fate. Google’s small business search trends of 2020 are equally as surprising in some areas, and make perfect sense in others. …

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