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Easily create and share online forms and surveys, and send responses to thousands of software tools in real-time.

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process Management

Integrate and connect apps to build automated workflows

Turn your team’s processes into automated workflows in one shared space. Choose from thousands of popular business apps to integrate.

Management view

Organize and view all your automations in one easy to see place. Create and manage workspaces for different teams. Add users from inside or outside your organization and manage 3rd party app connections.


See your processes in an easy to read flow chart. Add new steps with ease. Simple to use forms make it easy to reference the prior step’s data. Branch into multiple paths and create filters and conditional logic.

Data Picker

Insert data by simply clicking into the field to activate the dropdown menu. You’ll find all the data from prior steps to insert and reference directly into the editor. Test each step before moving on to ensure accurate formatting.

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One platform to connect your apps and automate work

With more than 1,500+ integrations, you can bring together everything your team needs to build mission critical automations.

“I cannot stress how important it is to automate the mission critical parts of your business. We use Workload to optimize our warehouse operations so everything is streamlined.”

– Yehuda Reich // CEO at Stack Street Coffee