Automate Your Ad Operations Process

Create hands-free automated workflows that take care of repetitive Ad Ops tasks in the background while you focus on the important thing – talking to customers

automate ad operations and adops functions


Tutorials on Ad Ops Automation using Workload


Try our simple demo account to see what can be built with Workload’s automation platform

Connect and Integrate Google Ads with Gmail


Build workflows using a large collection of integrations and utility plugins – all built in


Workload combines a powerful template design tool with simple API requests

Visual Editor

Create automation scripts that run on their own – no coding required

Execution Details

All operations are logged. This way you see exactly what and when data was processed

Utility Functions

We’ve abstracted away the complexities of looping, formatting dates, mapping arrays and replacing text

Branch Logic

Out of the box power to customize every workflow to suit your specific use-case. Effortlessly split a path with an intuitive editor

Connect any App

Thanks to our HTTP and JSON modules, you can connect with any web service or API

Unlimited Steps

Your workflows can contain an unlimited number of steps and branches/paths


You can set your workflows to run on a schedule similar to cron jobs


Unlimited users and workspaces means you can scale Workload with your team or company

Get Started Free

Build your automation skills on a free account with 300 credits – no credit card required