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Of course! You can start with the Free tier until you're comfortable with our software and upgrade at any time. Our packages are designed to scale with your needs.

We will try our best to replicate any automation you've done in the past with other tools. We work with the most common automation tools out there and will help set you up with your account. The solution is cloud-based so you can take your workflows with you if you decide to leave at a later time.

Since you'll be the one with the account, you can delete your credentials whenever you choose.

Unless you are on the FREE tier, we will never deactivate your workflows without ample warning. You'll be automatically bumped up to the next highest package so you can have peace of mind.

The cost is exactly what we described above! There are no hidden fees. The only time cost will be different is if you are on the business plan and go over the allotted tasks. At that point you'll be charged $0.015/task.

Absolutely! We handle custom requests all the time. We have decades of software automation and integration experience. We've seen it all!


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People are diggin’ it

“We had all sorts of problems around motivation and productivity. Having repetitive tasks automated helped our team focus on the big picture stuff.”

Jeff Wright, Owner - Bridge Storage

“Paying your skilled knowledge workers to copy and paste data from one system into another just isn't efficient anymore.”

Anthony Simile, Technical Recruiter - Atrium

“Our focus is on our customer service. We don't have time to learn new tools and automate things ourselves. Workload was perfect for the job.”

Lauren Hoff, Business Operations - AdColony