I need a Zap to be created using the Web API.

Workload Team
Workload Team

The flow will be in the following order.

  1. User Authenticates with my App using API Key
  2. The user has multiple Clients linked to his Account. (Dynamic)
  3. Each Client has multiple Forms linked. (Dynamic)
  4. Leads are generated in my App from these Forms. I want to send this lead data to different platforms using Zapier.

I was able to create a demo where I was able to send the leads to other platforms, but I couldn’t figure out how to send lead data of the Form which is selected by the user while creating the Zap.

My App is built in NodeJS.

You could consider the flow similar to a Google Sheet.
Google Account > Spreadsheet > Inner Sheet
My App > Client > Form

I also want to know Do you guys use CLI or web APIs for creating zaps?
I want to publish this app in zapier marketplace
Do you have any questions regarding jobs?


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