Integrate Hubplanner with & BambooHR via Zapier

Workload Team
Workload Team


We would like the below integrations between these platforms setup. The current out of the box integration between these platforms aren’t sufficient for our needs:

BambooHR & HubPlanner –

  • To send/update user & send/update approved time off requests info from BambooHR to Hubplanner (This already works fine so we dont need anything changed with this, I just added for visibility)

-To create a new user in HubPlanner and populate all the profile custom fields with the values from BambooHR. (If the new employee has the word ‚ÄòEngineer‚Äô in the title for example create them as a user in HubPlanner). Out of the box functionality is to just create a new user updating their First & Last name with an Email Address which isn’t sufficient. & HubPlanner –

  • When a new row is added to a board it creates a new Project in HubPlanner populating the Project Custom fields in HubPlanner with the values from
  • HubPlanner doesn‚Äôt natively notify PMs when a booking is added or updated so we were thinking of sending the update back to the board to change the status or value of a column which we can use automation within to update the Project Manager. But if this could be done without and through a line of code to send an Outlook email to the Project Manager then this would be preferred.

i.e When a new booking is added to a project within HubPlanner with a scheduled resource the Project Manager gets an email notification as well as any changes to the booking i.e status change, added notes etc.

I look forward to your response. I have a US number also so feel free to email me if you cant call USA numbers.


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