Tips for Getting Started with Zapier Automation

Zapier Experts Blog Post

We’re always searching for the solution to save us time, make our days easier, and help us produce the best final product possible. One way to help us in that process is by implementing automation within our daily tasks. Cutting out a lot of manual effort will save us a lot of time, therefore, helping …

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Lever Integration – Recruiting Software

automate lever integration

Lever Integration Lever creates modernized recruiting software that helps teams source, track, and interview top talent. The platform has various integrations with LinkedIN, Dice, Indeed, and other recruiting platforms. These connections make it easy to find the right candidate. A Lever integration means you’ll be able to start automating your team’s recruiting efforts. Why is …

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Integrate Asana and Trello Together

connecting trello to asana

Connect Asana to Trello with Drag and Drop With Workload’s new software automation tools, you can automate your tasks and create powerful workflows in a few minutes. Asana is a powerful web and mobile application that allows team to organize and manage their work. Trello is a list-making web based application where users can slide …

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Integrate Google Campaign Manager (DCM) to Slack in 30 Seconds

Campaign Manager (DCM) to Slack Integration With 2 clicks, you can be well on your way to controlling the entire user interface of your Google Campaign Manager (DCM) account through Slack’s chat interface. Get connected and type “launch new google dcm campaign”. We’ll take care of the rest for you by automating the entire workflow. …

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Connect MOAT to Slack in 30 Seconds

MOAT plus Slack Integration With just a few clicks and by merely uttering the phrase “get my MOAT data” to the Workload Bot, you can have your company’s MOAT data at your fingertips. Integrate MOAT to Slack in Seconds Quickly download custom reports from your MOAT account using their API. No more crappy and confusing …

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Connect Tableau to Slack in 30 Seconds

Tableau plus Slack Integration With just a few clicks and by merely uttering the phrase “get my tableau views” in Slack, you can have your company’s Tableau project at your fingertips. Integrate Tableau to Slack in Seconds By adding our Slack app to your team, you can have full control of automating your interactions between …

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