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Lever Integration – Recruiting Software

Bryan Golkhajeh
Bryan Golkhajeh
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Lever Integration

Lever creates modernized recruiting software that helps teams source, track, and interview top talent. The platform has various integrations with LinkedIN, Dice, Indeed, and other recruiting platforms. These connections make it easy to find the right candidate. A Lever integration means you’ll be able to start automating your team’s recruiting efforts.

Why is Lever so good? Its API allows 3rd party integrations! You can setup web hooks for various events like when a candidate moves to different stages. A web hook is sent when a candidate’s stage moves to “hired”. AdAlpha automates the on-boarding experience by using that web hook alongside ADP. Integrations like this can automate offer letters, share benefits information, and much more.

Lever is one of the top solutions we’ve found for teams who want recruiting software that is highly versatile and integrates with other 3rd party HR applications.

Automate Recruiting with Lever

AdAlpha allows you to automate your Lever tasks by integrating it’s robust API into any workflow. Seamlessly integrate within 30 seconds of authorizing your API. Our Lever integration is super easy to get up and running. No code required!

Past examples of workflow automation we’ve done:

  • Automating document creation like offer letters, interview schedule printouts
  • Automatic interview panel scheduling
  • Automatically send a text message to engage with a candidate

That’s just to name a few! The possibilities are limitless and we have the talent to make anything possible. Whatever you dream up, we can execute for your team.

Start Automating using Lever’s Integration!

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