JIRA Cloud – Automation Script


I have a demand that I need to accomplish this week, which basically involves creating an automation script that will connect to a JIRA Cloud instance I have, which already has an API Token generated. And I have already identified the fields and values that I need to map, and where to find them. But I need the logic behind the code to be able to make this work.

In order to explain exactly what I need, I have recorded a quick video (of less than 10mins) below, that will certainly help you understand the feasibility and complexity of this work. (it shouldn’t be that hard, if you are familiar with Jira API integrations, though).

Please, let me if you believe you are able to make this work for me and get in contact so that we can discuss the necessary details, time and budget:

(Link to the recording):

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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