SendinBlue Troublshooting

My client is a fitness trainer that runs a monthly membership. She has 7+ available classes every week that members can attend. As a member, you have access to any and all classes. She wants to set up a signup form for members to configure their reminder settings. (Be sent reminder text/email 15 min before class). Since there are so many classes, members need to be able to pick and choose which ones they’ll be reminded off (while still having access to any they choose not to be reminded of). Hoping to have a members only video conference room for all classes (so no paying people can’t join), as well as a way for members to access the current schedule and change reminder settings whenever they want.

It‚Äôs a $25/month membership. Currently setup through paypal with automatic payments for current members. Open to any and all solutions to getting this setup. She currently uses zoom to host the classes (and just uses her general meeting room, having to vet joinees as they show up…)

I worked on setting up automations one send in blue so all email copy, text copy, etc is in there already for you to pull if we choose to switch platforms.

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