The Best Recruiting Software Tools for HR in 2022 (and Beyond)

Introduction to HR Recruiting Software

Recruiting managers are in dire need of new tools. Recruiting software tools and processes of yesteryear just don’t cut it anymore. Are you making candidates do personality tests? Do you suffer from unstructured interviews, rely on personal referrals, hire your competitor’s employees?

These are all wrong ways of running your business. A 2019 Harvard Business Review study showed that over 40% of CEOs claim that hiring right remains the top focus of their business. The best teams at the best companies all know one thing: subscribing to the best recruiting software tools can automate your recruiting efforts while driving down costs.

What Makes for Great Recruiting Software?

When evaluating recruiting tools, there are several factors to consider. A great recruiting should meet all the criteria your business needs to succeed.

In our research, we tested options that range from basic features to get you up and running to more advanced systems for established businesses who hire at scale. Each of our picks offers some unique feature, but they all meet the following criteria:

  • A built in interview scheduling assistant to line up everyone’s calendar and availability
  • Post onsite interview feedback forms to rate the candidate on different criteria
  • Automatic sourcing tools to download and import candidates from sources like LinkedIn

Obviously, this feature set isn’t exclusive and you should really think hard about your specific needs. Also, these tools won’t solve all your hiring problems. You still need to put forth the effort to interview your candidates properly by asking behavioral questions.

The 5 Best Recruiting Tools

  • Jobvite – the leading recruiting software and applicant tracking system
  • Lever – recruiting software built for hiring success
  • BambooHR – applicant tracking and onboarding system
  • Greenhouse – recruiting software and applicant tracking system
  • Recruiterbox – recruitment software and ATS (applicant tracking system)


Great for larger organizations who need to hire at scale

jobvite recruiting software

Jobvite’s applicant tracking system is one of the most advanced and robust in the marketplace. Jobvite’s recruiting software isn’t just a great tool for recruiting teams, but it benefits interviewers, hiring managers, and employees as well. From the extensive reporting features all the way to its ROI/sourcing data tracking, you and your management team will be very pleased. Its intuitive design will ensure that new recruiting team members will quickly pick it up and understand it.

Jobvite is built on a platform which uses automation and intelligence to increase speed, cost-effectiveness, and quality of talent requisition. Moreover, you will be amazed to know that it manages resumes, prevents candidate duplicity, tracks applicants, provides notifications and alerts, and so on.

Jobvite has done a great job of integrating with the rest of the tools recruiting team’s love to use. One of your criteria when evaluating an ATS should be “can I get from Point A to Point B in four or fewer mouse clicks.” Jobvite has done themselves proud in meeting a metric they likely didn’t know existed.

Additionally, Jobvite is thinking about the future of recruiting with its recent acquisition of Canvas. Canvas is the world’s first text-based interviewing platform. Their main product, the Canvasbot, is an AI powered assistant that can come up with questions to ask candidates, get their availability, and moves them through the hiring process. Using NLP (natural language processing), Canvas can automate almost all of the entire interview screening process.


Best recruiting software tool for automated sourcing, interview scheduling, and API development

lever applicant tracking system

The Lever applicant tracking system is a beautifully designed user interface that is “no-nonsense”. It’s simple, flat design and layout makes it super easy to get to the data you need. They have built-in analytics and reporting which also makes it easy to report on your hiring practices. Tools like Lever Nurture and Recommendations can help recruitment teams to find and attract more talent.

The system itself has rolled out many new features after carefully considering user feedback and suggestions. The support team is incredibly responsive to issues and the product team is as transparent as possible about upcoming changes. The customer success team really goes above and beyond by understanding client concerns. They really love helping to find solutions to most issues.

The two things we love most about Lever (aside from their awesome CS team!) is the ability to automate your candidate feedback process, and it’s powerful API integration. Automating feedback is critical to hiring right. Every streamlined business needs to have multiple feedback forms for each job function. The feedback criteria should be set based on what you believe is important to be successful in that position. This eliminates hiring bias.

Lever’s API allows you to drive your own internal automations, reporting and integrations. The possibilities of what you can do with their API is limitless. One crazy idea you could implement is automating the job candidate’s first day of employment by buying them a bottle of champagne. You could integrate the Lever API with a service like UberEats or Drizly to automate the champagne ordering process to coincide with the first day on the job! What an experience that would be!


An all-in-one HR management and applicant tracking system

With its easy to use navigation, you can get up and running in no time with BambooHR. Their software does more than just screen applicants and move them through a pipeline of hiring stages. With BambooHR, you can also manage employee’s PTO, manage a company-wide calendar, and read about new hires inside the “intranet” style section under the heading “New Hires!”

Where BambooHR falls short is with the integrations. If you need to be FULLY integrated then this probably isn’t the product for you. However, for what they lack in integrations, the make up with a full HR feature-set that goes beyond just an ATS and sourcing tool. applicant tracking system for recruiting software

Greenhouse recruiting software is very customizable to your recruiting operation while providing clear guidance on how to best organize your operation. This improves your candidate and interviewer experience while maximizing your data/analytics and workflows.

In your role, you’ll need to be able to diagnose where the breakdowns are in recruiting, and the system’s many canned reports will help you do that. While Greenhouse doesn’t have the ability to let you build custom reports, there are enough reports available that ensure you won’t have any problems. It’s very useful for getting weekly recruitment reports from the system so you can see activity from a high level. All this lets you keep your finger on the pulse of hiring.

Communicating back and forth with candidates is simple and fluid It can show all activity around a candidate, so you can check and double check your last communications. This is key when you have a large candidate pool and a fast moving process. It’s also web based, so can use it from your phone, home computer or anywhere that’s not your desk.


Recruitment software and applicant tracking system

It sounds simple, but it Recruiterbox’s platform just makes sense. We all know how fast-paced recruiting is, and the ability to learn the software without losing momentum was a huge benefit. The time invested setting everything up on the front end was quickly recovered with all of the time saving features from resume parsing, candidate tracking, email templates, and more. And as your staff grows, training new users on the software is a breeze. Additionally, the resume parsing feature will save your hiring managers hours of time scanning resumes.

This company clearly has a “customer oriented” mentality, from feature requests, to education, to support, you’ll always feel there is a concern for your needs and a genuine attempt to create a product that matches your goals. Although this is not a custom software product, RecruiterBox is always looking to maximize the tool for the most users possible.

Finding the Best Recruiting Software Tools

The best HR recruiting software tool is the one that saves your team the most time and provides the most company-wide visibility into the hiring org. Make sure you know what features are standard “table-stakes” when shopping around for new hiring tools. All of the tools we’ve mentioned here either have a free trial period, or a product demo online. Make sure to give them a test drive before fully jumping into any of them.

Recruiting tools are a critical part of any organizations success. Workload understands what makes each tool great. It comes down to the level of integration the HR recruiting software has with other 3rd party apps. Automating document creation (offer letters, etc.), ROI measurements, and pipeline visualizations is an important part of the recruiting team’s duty to upper management.

Drop us your email below to start integrating a new applicant tracking system, or to automate your existing system with other integrations. We love automating!

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