Zoom – attendance automation for teachers

1. I work with teachers who are killing themselves everyday with remote and hybrid instruction. It’s a lot of work and I want to find a way to make one piece of their day easier for them.

2. Teachers are required to take attendance of the students who show up for their daily scheduled Zoom meetings. One day they teach 4 periods, the next they teach 3 periods etc. Taking attendance right now is a manual process and time consuming. The have to view the Zoom gallery to see who shows up and then go into our SIS (eSchool) and enter attendance data manually (for every period- not just the beginning of the day)

3. To add another layer to it some students are Roomers and some are Zoomers in the hybrid model.

4. Teachers can export attendance data (csv) in Zoom AFTER the meeting but not during.

5. All this clerical work is wasting instructional time.

So with that said, we would like for teachers to press a button, somewhere, somehow and pull up the list of Zoom participants in the class in real time. If it would highlight who from the roster was absent, that would be a bonus. If they could easily copy and paste into the Zoom chat, that would help with transparency and student accountability. Our SIS is managed by the state so I don’t think we would be able to push attendance data in directly. If the api/app would allow an export into Google Sheets- this would be totally acceptable.

As I mentioned in the job description, apps exist like this for Google Meet, just not Zoom. I have dabbled on this site, but it’s over my head. https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/introduction

I really hope you can help us! I would love to discuss on a video conference if you have the time. I would include my 2 team partners as well.

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