Advanced Google Search Tricks: The Definitive Guide

Use These Native Google Apps Right in Your Browser

Google Like a Pro with These Advanced Google Search Tricks

Yes, everyone knows that google helps you find webpages, but Google can do so much more! Productivity is important and utilizing Google to the fullest will help you get things done fast. Here are some of the most useful Advanced Google Search Tricks.

Quick Conversions

One of our most frequently used Advanced Google Search Tricks (especially in the kitchen!) allows you to quickly convert between two measurements directly in the google search engine. For example, just type in ‘300ml in cups‘ to get the conversion:

You can also convert these other types of measurements in Google:

  • Area (e.g. Square foot to Square mile)
  • Data Transfer Rate (e.g. Bit per second to Kilobit per second)
  • Digital Storage (e.g. Byte to Kilobyte)
  • Energy (e.g. Joule to Kilocalorie)
  • Frequency (e.g. Hertz to Kilohertz)
  • Fuel economy (e.g. Kilometer per liter to Miles per gallon)
  • Length (e.g. Foot to Yard)
  • Mass (e.g. Pound to Ounce)
  • Plane Angle (e.g. Degree to Radian)
  • Pressure (e.g. Pascal to Bar)
  • Speed (e.g. Miles per hour to Kilometer per hour)
  • Temperature (e.g. Farenheit to Celsius)
  • Time (e.g. Second to Minute)
  • Volume (e.g. US cup to US liquid gallon)

Internet Speed Test

Just type in ‘speed test’ and then click the blue button to run a speed test.

The speed test will open and calculate your upload and download speeds.

Chart Formulas

Type in a formula and Google will chart it for you, just like your old school Texas Instruments calculator. You can separate multiple formulas with commas and Google will chart each in a different color. Click the colored dot in the top right corner to select a formula.