Connect Tableau to Slack in 30 Seconds

integrate slack with tableau views just by typing to our bot
Workload’s Slack to Tableau integration takes less than a minute

Tableau plus Slack Integration

With just a few clicks and by merely uttering the phrase “get my tableau views” in Slack, you can have your company’s Tableau project at your fingertips.

Add to Slack

Integrate Tableau to Slack in Seconds

By adding our Slack app to your team, you can have full control of automating your interactions between Tableau and Slack. Two powerful tools are now connected together thanks to our super cool app.

We use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) as our input. You just type what you want to our bot, and it does the job for you. No more terrible user interface experiences. The world of task automation is now at your fingertips from a computer, or mobile device, anywhere in the world.

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