Why Do Ad Tech Tools Have to Suck?

Frustrated Ad tech user
Every time I login to an ad tech platform’s interface

It seems like the world is advancing at a rapid pace. Every new software service on the planet has incorporated some form of AI or Machine Learning into the interface to help users perform their tasks better. Facebook and Instagram have their personalized feed. LinkedIN has job matching and is starting to dabble in mentor/mentee matching, all using the power of machine learning and AI based on their user’s interests. These are just a few highlights of how these new technologies have been used to enhance our online and mobile experiences.

Ad Tech Tools Today

But what about in enterprise software? More specifically, ad tech. Ad tech platforms have traditionally sucked the worst. It’s almost as if the entire industry has just given up. Thankfully with the advent of open RTB, most digital ad companies nowadays just build their own internal dashboards (which probably also suck) and don’t have to worry about logging into someone else’s interface to download a csv file only to copy and paste into a larger csv file shared on a local drive (like we did in the early 2000’s). What about all the other touchpoints? Why has no one become the Facebook of inventory discovery? Or the Amazon of Private Marketplace deals? Why aren’t there tools to allow a team of ad operations folks to do their jobs faster and better? Why has no one devoted time to integrate workflows into Slack?

The Future of Ad Tech Tools

Workload is imagining a future of work where Slack is the new command line interface. Imagine if you could launch a campaign, setup a deal proposal or IO, pull reports, share data across your company all from within an interface like Slack or Microsoft Teams? That would be amazing.

For the next few months, Workload will be focusing less on our DealMachine marketplace features and functions, and more on creating automation tools for Slack users to help perform operations,UI, and BI work faster and better. We think there is a huge market of underserved workers in Ad Ops who would be delighted to use Slack tools to optimize a handful of tasks.

Tell us What You Think

Let us know your thoughts on this new endeavor, especially if there are any tools you are absolutely dying to have! We would be happy to build them and make someone’s work-life easier.



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