Hire a Zapier Expert in 2022

Hire a Zapier expert. Solve your business automation problems, create complex workflows, and help scale your company. Work with a Zapier developer.

Finding a great Zapier developer can entirely transform your business. As a business owner, or a small team, you can enjoy the benefits of automating your workflow without the high costs of a traditional developer. Here the key things you’ll want to understand before you hire a Zapier expert.

What is a Zapier certified expert?

In short, to become a Zapier certified expert, Zapier onboards an independent contractor or an agency through Zapier’s partnership team. From there, the expert is put into the Zapier certified experts program where they’ll be running through different scenarios to prove worthiness of using Zapier’s tool to support their customers.

The certified experts program asks you to imagine a fictitious business scenario, and then you have to perform the automation tasks using Zapier’s tool.

At the end, the expert submits a quick video that discusses their thought process on how/why they chose to use those tools or apps. The team at Zapier reviews your submission and either approves or denies you access to the partner program.

Hire a Zapier Expert

Can the expert help with complex Zapier problems?

Absolutely! These are folks who know the tool inside and out. Many of the Zapier pros have automated tasks that require over 30+ steps in the process! That’s an incredible amount of automation and power in such a cheap SaaS tool. When you are ready to hire a zapier expert, it’s important to know what types of software tools they specialize in. It’s important they know the specific apps in your business’s workflow.

Can an expert make Zapier Zaps?

You bet. While the Zapier course itself only tests the ability to use the SaaS interface that we all know and love, many of the experts are developers and can create a Zapier Zaps integration. That means they can actually take your company’s SaaS tool and bring it online in Zapier’s app list of integrations. You could then connect your SaaS tool to thousands of other apps. This gives your customers the ability to quickly and easily automate their workflows using Zapier’s easy-to-use tool. If you want to hire a Zapier expert to do an integration, they should be well versed a coding language called node.js . That’s what many Zap apps are built with.

Difference between an Expert and a Developer?

A Zapier developer is likely someone who can develop a Zap integration using the command line tool. They’ll connect your SaaS app into one of Zapier’s integrations that can be connected to thousands of other apps.

A Zapier expert is usually someone who is very talented at using Zapier’s front-end UI. They understand the tool inside and out allowing them to whip up complex Zapier workflows. They take less than half the time it would take a normal person.

Can I get help from the Zapier forum or Zapier support?

Of course you can! Using the Zapier forum or contacting Zapier support is a great first step in automating your workflow. If you can quickly get the information you need and do it yourself then why not?

However, sometimes the Zapier forum can take a long time to answer your question, or you may get bad advice. In addition to that, Zapier support can also take a long time to respond. On other occasions, Zapier support will refer you directly to the certified experts directory to work with an outside firm to help you. This is because Zapier’s team is limited in their ability to build solutions directly for customers.

Hire a Zapier Expert to Automate your Businesses Processes and Workflows.

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