How Workflow Automation Software Benefits Your Company

Today, enterprises need to have efficient processes in place in order to reduce costs and increase revenue. Hiring more staff in this environment is just no longer feasible.

Workflow automation software solves the age old problem of doing more with less. It helps companies reduce the time and the amount of people it takes to complete tasks – especially manual, repetitive, and predictable tasks. Workflow software such as Workload can help your team save hundreds of hours collectively each week.

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is a software tool that is used to automate business processes. The software allows businesses to reduce or eliminate human involvement in the tasks. As humans, we are not great at tasks like recalling old information, repeating processes over and over without error, spelling, remembering complex processes, etc. Automating these tasks and outsourcing to a robot/computer is better all around.

Tools like Workload allow your company to transform processes like:

  • Approvals
  • Claims
  • Expenses
  • Assignments (Leads, Accounts, etc.)
  • Requests
  • Invoicing
  • Onboarding
  • Scheduling

Basically any task that requires manual paperwork, spreadsheet tracking, or Slack follow ups can now be handled digitally across your existing set of specific tools your already use to handle such tasks.

Why does your team need workflow automation software?

Here are some facts about why your team should adopt an automation tool like Workload:

  • Companies lose over $1 Trillion US Dollars each year due to poor lead management, lack of follow up
  • 25% to 40% of employee’s time is spent searching for process documents or copying and pasting data
  • More than 50% of sales time is spent on manual prospecting work
  • 98% of employees believe they can save time, get more done, and complete projects faster if their company had automation tools available to use

If you want to take your team into the modern era of how work gets done, you really should be investing in a business workflow automation tool. Most companies spend too much time on redundant and manual tasks that can and should be automated.

Benefits: Deep dive into workflow automation software

Here are some important ways (with thorough explanations) on how your team can benefit from automation tools:

1. Save Time

Although it sounds obvious, this is one of the key benefits of workflow automation. In an office setting, filling out data into a spreadsheet every day is a perfect example of how automating a task saves time.

Most knowledge workers are tasked with filling spreadsheets of data at the core of the job. Whether it is to provide status updates, financial forecasting, or any other report…we all have to use spreadsheets.

With a workflow automation tool in your hands, you can build a script to fetch the data you need every day and automatically dump it into the spreadsheet – given all the data exists in the cloud somewhere. Most tools like Workload have a visual builder so you don’t even need to know how to code!

2. Scale Faster

Tools like Workload allow you to scale your operations and processes faster.

Once your team has a manual process in place, it likely gets documented somewhere in a tool like Confluence or Trello. You can turn that document into a living automation by identifying which cloud based apps are a part of that workflow and rebuild it in Workload by connecting all those apps together and moving data around in a workflow.

Now that your team is “out of the process”, they will have more time to work on actual productive tasks such as client management, strategy and forecasting, product planning, and running experiments. You are no longer bottlenecked by inefficient manual processes.

3. Fewer Errors

Humans are prone to errors. Lots of them. Even the best employees with the best management and oversight cannot hide from errors.

Automated workflow tools can be set up to reduce the amount of errors produced because you give it the instructions once, and it replicates that set of instructions over and over again. Whatever data it receives, gets transformed and then loaded into the next process in the chain. This actually will help your company have tighter controls because data will exist uniformly across multiple SaaS tools your team is likely using.

Human errors affect all parts of the organization and often equate to loss of a customer, loss of productivity, and loss of morale. This all adds up to loss of revenue. With workflow automation you can reduce human involvement, therefore human error, almost down to zero.

Start automating your business processes

Intelligent workflow automation tools allow you to reach your goals in less time. Plain and simple. Since most of your team’s tasks will be automated, you can put in the effort for things like strategizing on growth, fixing customer relationships and solving problems that only humans can do (for now!).

Getting your team to automate tasks is easier than it sounds thanks to tools like Workload. A visual drag and drop editor makes building scripts a breeze for those who are non-technical. If you can fill out a form with required data, you can automate a process!

If you are curious about automating your team’s workflows, you should get in touch with us or give our software a free spin. We have a generous free tier that includes over 1,500 cloud based software tools you’re already using plus 300 operations. That’s enough to get you started on your first automated process as you learn the ropes.