Integrate PhoneBurner and Salesforce using Webhooks

Hello. There are some things I’d like to automate using Zapier. What I’d like is to have PhoneBurner push contact details to Salesforce so that Salesforce can automatically create a Lead entry using the contact details from PhoneBurner. Both apps are on Zapier.

In my mind, this is how it would work. PhoneBurner is a powerdialing system that allows callers to use disposition buttons to send the contacts being called into certain folders within the PhoneBurner dashboard. One of those folders is “Interested.” So the idea is when my caller speaks to someone that is interested, the caller can click the “Interested” button on PhoneBurner that will send the contact and their contact details to the “Interested” folder (which it already does), but also to Salesforce as well, so that Salesforce can create a Lead entry using those contact details. So there should be some kind of a webhook or trigger in place for when that “Interested” disposition button is clicked so the two apps can work with each other.

The other thing I wanted is to have the audio recording from the call with that interested contact on PhoneBurner to be downloaded/uploaded to some folder on the internet, sent to (which is also on Zapier), and have that audio file transcribed by The audio recording of the call is attached to the contact entry within PhoneBurner. I want to automate this downloading/uploading function of the audio file without manually going to the audio recording and clicking the downloading button. There has to be some way we can access this call recording after it’s made available in the contact entry.

Please tell me if all of this makes sense and if you think it can be done. Thank you. 

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