Skedda is a free online booking and scheduling tool for your venue

Skedda’s user interface

What is Skedda?

Skedda is a free online booking and management tool for your event venue. Trusted by thousands of venues around the world, Skedda is the smartest way to manage your facilities, rentals, co-worker space, gallery and rooms.

With Skedda, you can set individual rates, block out times for availability, handle deposits and payments, and set specific criteria for bookings. For example, if you own a dining hall you can ensure that whoever books your facility lists the number of guests. The number guests will automatically populate the number tables and chairs required for the booking to be completed.

What are Skedda’s Best Features?

Skedda takes the hassle out of managing your space. If you’re looking to reduce administration and increase usage, their software can help with that.

  • Share the up-to-date availability of your spaces on every device.
  • Invite and empower users to make frictionless self-service bookings.
  • Enforce your policies (e.g. quotas, cancellation rules, advance-notice rules).
  • Control how users interact with the system with custom user tags.
  • Automate any pricing and accept secure online payments (PCI/PSD2/SCA compliant).
  • Integrate with your other systems and tools.
  • Login with existing accounts (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter).

How much does Skedda cost?

Skedda is FREE for up to 5 event spaces, which is plenty for most businesses to get started. Each additional venue over 5 costs $5 per month. For example, 5 venues are free; 6 venues are $5 (5 free + 1(x$5) = $5); 10 venues are $25 a month (5 free + 5(x$5)=$25).

Even with the free tier, you get an incredible core feature set like unlimited bookings and users. Additionally, you get a customizable domain to send out to your clients, in-app chat support, and custom booking rules.

Skedda is a tremendous value for what you wind up paying. You can even connect your Stripe account and handle payments straight through the calendar booking widget.

In order to fully take advantage of Skedda, you’ll need to purchase the extra integrations package which is $19/mo. This allows you to connect to over 1,500 apps through services like Zapier.


Skedda is a great tool to get your on your way of becoming a hyper productive event venue manager. If you are managing under 5 spaces this is really a no brainer because of the low cost of FREE. The software is flexible enough to grow with your business as it scales up. This is great because you are only paying for what you use.

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