I need some help with Google Drive folders

Hi there, I have a HubSpot CRM account and when I close deals I want to be able to do the following: 1. Deal closes in HubSpot 2. Look up deal name as the folder name in Google Drive 3. Move the project folder to another folder. Can this be done? If so, how much? …

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Create longer delay in Zapier

Hello, I’ve seen your expertise on a Zapier forum and I’d like a quote for the following: I have a course on Teachable and I want to unenroll my students after one year and send them an email when their access to the course is over (unenroll after one year). Teachable works with Zappier. I …

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Help with Zapier

So I wanted to do something that I thought was fairly straight forward, but it appears that I lack skill.   I need a consultant to help with with some fairly small projects, probably just a few hours.  Does that interest you?  Basically, there is info in a jotform that becomes an email that I want …

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Integrate Knack with Zapier Webhook

We are building an app the will connect with a Knack database to confirm subscription status. I have set up a Zapier webhook but can not get the information to flow back to the app from knack. Is this something you could assist us with.

Integrate Get the Referral App with HubSpot

Zap 1: If customer submits referral in GTR app we want it to auto-populate into Hubspot. We believe GTR has an existing Zap that does this; we need this activated within our dashboard. Zap 2: If we update a customer’s project status in Hubspot we want it to update in GTR app.